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Contact:Mis Zou
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Hainan blue visual painting art Co., Ltd. is a few painting art registration companies in Hainan. Its main business is the design and production of the art of interior painting. The main services are: hotels, villas, high-end apartments, clubs, painters, galleries, private collections, oil painting dealers and so on. The company's elite forces from membership from the Central Academy of fine arts, Central Academy of fine arts, art resources abundant profound professional art colleges Chinese Academy etc.. Both of the books and the multitude of dozens of people signing the occupation painter team has great reputation; the creation of a leader, and has the domestic first-class professional master copy. Or two in volume, imitation and creation as a whole, for you or your home is made out of beautiful and vivid masterpieces. There are two forms of painting: one, creation; two, copy. The main types of painting: classical oil painting (Baroque court oil painting, oil painting portraits, oil painting scenery, oil painting figures, oil painting still life, etc.). Concurrently: modern oil painting, Chinese painting, calligraphy, water powder, lacquer painting, caricature, sculpture and large murals, and other nine kinds. The biggest feature is that we are tailored according to the differences in your area and function. The "body of body" refers to the picture, the subject, the style and the picture frame will be buckled with your environmental art. Once we have been transformed, the environment will be smooth and vivid and bright. The most distinctive essence is that we pursue the true aristocratic culture and aristocratic art on the level of spirit and temperament. Kitsch and society, slick, the proliferation of "line painting" has an innate nature draw further apart! We ask that the artist signed with my company really do one thing and one thing. Thus, a number of professional, top level high hands are formed.   Since the establishment of the company, it has made professional production for the social elite and hundreds of enterprises and institutions all over the province. And there are countless chapters of praise and admiration. As the majority of the aristocratic friends, or because of its high status, or because of their privacy, please, please forgive us for the inconvenience list name. As we all know: as the art of painting, go down the holy platform, go out of the ivory tower and go to the society. At its core is: not only must have ability of professional quality, and to keep and rich market experience. The two part, we can have great originality, unique. In this combination, the company in the province can be said to be leading, become an independent school.   【more】